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We sell quality golf memorabilia / Wij verkopen antieke golfattributen

€ 400,00Drummond Aberdeen matched set
superb playable set of Driver, brassie and spoon
€ 125,00Robert Forgan, St Andrews
Forganite model (driver)
€ 115,00Walter Hagen brassie
Cochranes signature club
€ 250,00Josh Taylor pair of woods
large headed driver and spoon in perfect condition
€ 100,00Hawkins, Hoylake driver
€ 100,00Robert Simpson , Carnoustie brassie
perfect Balance model
€ 100,00Playable brassie
fully playable club in superb condition
€ 95,00Butchart Built Brassie
metal insert and sole plate
€ 85,00playable brassie
€ 175,00Harry Vardon
superb Special spoon
€ 95,00Playable brassie
larged headed club from unknown maker
€ 125,00Bobby Cruikshank / Cochranes brassie
€ 85,00Lofted wood
spoon with the loft of a 7 wood