Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions of hire, Hickoryclubs.eu

  • 1. These terms and condition form an integral part of every rental contract of hickoryclubs.eu

  • 2. The rental agreement is only accepted after this has been approved (on paper / email) by hickoryclubs.eu

  • 3. The person/company, that signs the rental agreement becomes the hirer and is responsible for following the terms and conditions.

  • 4. Notice of cancellation must be made in writing by the hirer, hickoryclubs.eu will be entitled to monies owed as outlined in items a-d

  • a Cancellation more than 30 days in advance, no charge will be made.

  • b Cancellation less than 30days in advance, if a new date is booked only a 200 euro administration charge will be made.

  • c. Cancellation less than 30 days in advance, if no new date is booked a 500 euro charge will be made

  • d. Cancellation less than 3 days in advance, 50 % of the agreed fee with a minimum of 500 euros will be charged.

  • 5. Only golf balls approved by hickoryclubs.eu may be used.

  • 6. Equipment may not be used on a driving range without express permission of hickoryclubs.eu

  • 7. All equipment remains the property of hickoryclubs.eu at all times. It may only be used during the event and the hirer is responsible for the responsible use of the equipment.

  • 8. During the hire period hickoryclubs.eu can not accept any responsibility for damage to property or injury to persons caused by any part of the hired equipment.

  • 9. Hickoryclubs.eu is not responsible for the loss of any items that may have been left in golf bags after the event.

  • 10. Equipment may not be removed from the event venue and the hirer is responsible for the safe return of all equipment. The hirer is responsible for damage caused to clubs, with the exception of breakage occurring during normal play.

  • 11. Hickoryclubs.eu can accept no liability for being unable to provide services through circumstances beyond our control, (example, war, industrial disputes, sickness, weather transport problems ect)

  • 12. In the event of hickoryclubs.eu being found liable under the terms of this agreement, damages may not exceed the agreed hire price for the event.

  • 13. The contract shall be governed by Dutch law, all disputes concerning the contract must be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Dutch courts (district Maastricht)